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Remember the Great Arnold Palmer in 1950s-2000s

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Let RetroSparX spark your memory with The Masterstroke, our memory game unit about Arnold Palmer’s unparalleled career! Arnold Palmer lit up the golfing world with a rare breed of skill, charisma and decency. The viewing public tuned into golf in record numbers, and followed Arnie’s magnetic career with rapt loyalty. Read about the mark that Arnold Palmer left on golf and professional sport more generally. His is a story of inspired competition and respectful sportsmanship.

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This RetroSparX Memory Game Unit at a Glance

Subject Category: Sports

Featured Date Range: 1950s - 2000s

Number of pages to print: 7

Included: memory-stimulating narrative, 2 golf-related memory games, answer key

Completion time: 30 - 50 minutes (approximate)

Memory Games for Seniors Included in this Unit

RetroSparX Hidden Letter activity icon
hidden letter

Giants of the Green (Hidden Letter memory game) - By finding a missing letter and solving clues, complete the names of some of golf’s most legendary figures. In the process, the name of the storied golf course where the Masters Tournament is played will be revealed.

Features of Giants of the Green

  • 3 pages of golfing greats, spanning 8 decades of exciting excellence on the links
  • colourful graphics of golf greens; large print for easy reading
  • easy to complete for those who follow golf; a bit more challenging (but definitely doable) for others
  • can be completed individually, but great for groups with at least one golf fan!
  • suitable for seniors with no cognitive decline or with mild to moderate dementia
  • answer key is included
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RetroSparX Find Your Match activity icon
find your match

Lingo of the Links (Find Your Match memory game) - Test your knowledge of golf parlance by matching words or phrases with their definitions.

Features of Lingo of the Links

  • 2 pages of golfing fun
  • golf tee and golf ball graphics; large print for easy reading
  • easy for those who have spent time on a golf course; more difficult for others
  • a perfect game for group collaboration, but can be completed individually too
  • suitable for golf-loving seniors with no cognitive decline or those with mild dementia
  • answer key in included
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