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Relive the Canada-Russia Hockey Summit, 1972

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Let RetroSparX spark your memory of hockey’s 1972 Summit Series with Showdown on the Ice! Read about the epic match-up of 1972, when Canada and the Soviet Union battled through a 7-game series for hockey supremacy. When the players took to the ice, they carried the pride of their nation on their shoulders. Cold War suspicions and tensions infused the action. Most enduringly, this singular competition had a decisive, lasting impact on the game of hockey.

As an added bonus, in Snippets from the ’72 Series, remember some of the more iconic moments from the series, when tempers flared and emotions were raw.

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This RetroSparX Memory Game Unit at a Glance

Subject Category: Sports

Featured Date Range: 1972

Number of pages to print: 8

Included: memory-stimulating narrative, bonus collection of fun facts, 2 hockey-inspired memory games, answer key

Completion time: 30 - 50 minutes (approximate)

Memory Games for Seniors Included in this Unit

RetroSparX Letter Jumble activity icon
letter jumble

Stars of the Ice (Letter Jumble memory game) - Unscramble letter pairings to complete the names of some of the most famous hockey stars to ever grace the ice.

Features of Stars of the Ice

  • 2 pages of hockey MVPs to rediscover
  • fun hockey stick graphics; large print for easy puzzle solving
  • easy to complete for 'puck heads' (or super fans!); a wee bit more difficult for others
  • can be completed individually or in a group, but either way, you may find yourself wanting to share a tale or two about these icons of the sport!
  • suitable for seniors with no cognitive decline, or for those with mild to moderate dementia
  • answer key is included
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RetroSparX Word Play activity icon
word play

The Ultimate Prize (Word Play memory game) - Follow through a series of steps that transform the word ‘hockey’ to something that symbolizes hockey excellence.

Features of The Ultimate Prize

  • 2 page cumulative exercise
  • large print for easy reading
  • moderately difficult to complete - requires concentration and the ability to carefully follow instructions
  • can be completed individually, but you may find the input of others helpful as you are directed to move and shift letters around
  • suitable for seniors with no cognitive decline or (with a bit of support) for those with mold dementia
  • answer key is included
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