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Remember the Debut of M*A*S*H in 1972

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Let RetroSparX spark your memory of a beloved television series in M*A*S*H Hits the Little Screen. M*A*S*H delighted television audiences for 11 seasons. The antics of its characters, from Captain “Hawkeye” Pierce to Major Margaret “Hot Lips” Houlihan, were projected into our living rooms and became part of our weekly entertainment roster. Remember back to how you laughed and cried as the cast continually reminded us of the toll of war and the small, heroic gestures that somehow make it bearable.

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This RetroSparX Memory Game Unit at a Glance

Subject Category: Entertainment

Featured Date Range: 1970s - 1980s

Number of pages to print: 7

Included: memory-stimulating narrative, 2 original memory games, answer key

Completion time: 30-40 minutes (approximate)

Memory Games for Seniors Included in this Unit

RetroSparX Syllable Solutions activity icon
syllable solutions

The Faces of the 4077th (Syllable Solutions memory game) - Drawing from a list of syllables, complete the names of some of the most memorable characters and scene sets from M*A*S*H, and some up-and-coming actors who had one-time roles on the show.

Features of The Faces of the 4077th

  • 2 pages of M*A*S*H memories to come flooding back!
  • colourful graphics; large print for easy reading
  • relatively easy to complete for M*A*S*H-lovers; a bit more challenging for others
  • can be completed individually, but remembering these characters with a group would be lots of fun too
  • suitable for M*A*S*H-viewing seniors with no cognitive decline or with mild dementia
  • answer key is included
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RetroSparX Phrase Craze activity icon
phrase craze

A War of Words (Phrase Craze memory game) - Drawing from a list of words, complete well-known phrases inspired by war and conflict.

Features of A War of Words

  • 2 pages of 'fighting-words' and phrases
  • bold, colourful graphics; large print for easy puzzle solving
  • easy to complete
  • can be completed individually or working collaboratively in a group
  • suitable for seniors with no cognitive decline, or for those with mild to moderate dementia
  • answer key is included
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