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Revel in the Launch of the Etch A Sketch, 1959

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Let RetroSparX spark your memory of the Etch A Sketch with The Magic Drawing Screen! The Etch A Sketch was the brainchild of a French electrician. Read about how this odd little toy that most toy companies shunned became an overnight sensation in the United States and around the world. From a workshop in Paris to millions of households worldwide, the Etch A Sketch enjoyed the type of enduring success reserved for only the most inventive and engaging toys.

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This RetroSparX Memory Game Unit at a Glance

Subject Category: Cultural Trends

Featured Date Range: 1959 to present day

Number of pages to print: 6

Included: memory-stimulating narrative, 2 'playful' memory games, answer key

Completion time: 30 - 50 minutes (approximate)

Memory Games for Seniors Included in this Unit

RetroSparX Crossword Challenge activity icon
crossword challenge

A Cascade of Toys (Crossword Challenge memory game) - Complete a crossword grid by identifying some of the most remarkable toys from the 20th century.

Features of A Cascade of Toys

  • 2 pages of classic toys and games
  • large print for easy reading
  • easy to complete for all adult children!
  • can be completed individually, but would be a blast to relive these toys with others
  • suitable for seniors with no cognitive decline, with mild dementia or (with a bit of support) with moderate dementia
  • answer key is included
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RetroSparX Word Play activity icon
word play

All Scribbled Up (Word Play memory game) - Follow instructions to gradually transform the name Etch A Sketch into a phrase often heard when a child receives the beloved toy.

Features of All Scribbled Up

  • 2 pages of word-bending fun
  • large print for easy puzzle solving
  • moderately difficult to complete - requires concentration and the ability to carefully follow instructions
  • can be completed individually, but you may benefit from the input of others as you are directed to move ad shift letters around
  • suitable for seniors with no cognitive decline; more difficult (but doable) for those with mild dementia
  • answer key is included
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