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Remember the Horror of the Challenger Space Shuttle Explosion in 1986

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Let RetroSparX spark your memory of one of the darkest days of space exploration with Disaster Over Florida! No-one can forget the unimaginable shock of learning that the space shuttle Challenger exploded not long after takeoff. It was a disaster that happened so far away, yet struck so close to the heart. Read about the mistakes made, the lives lost and the pledge to continue space exploration in the face of this tragedy.

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This RetroSparX Memory Game Unit at a Glance

Subject Category: Historical Events, Science and Technology

Featured Date Range: 1986

Number of pages to print: 6

Included: memory-stimulating narrative, 2 'out-of-this-world' memory games, answer key

Completion time: 30 to 40 minutes (approximate)

Memory Games for Seniors Included in this Unit

RetroSparX Letter Jumble activity icon
letter jumble

Spinning Around the Sun (Letter Jumble memory game) - Identify the elements of our miraculous solar system by unscrambling the letters that spell out the planets.

Features of Spinning Around the Sun

  • single page planet challenge
  • colourful solar system graphics; large print for easy completion
  • easy to complete
  • can be worked on individually, or by a 'crew' of wannabe space explorers
  • suitable for almost all seniors, including those with mild to moderate dementia
  • answer key is included
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RetroSparX Syllable Solutions activity icon
syllable solutions

Syllables in Space (Syllable Solutions memory game) - Drawing from a list of syllables, find the answers to space-inspired characters, titles and objects.

Features of Syllables in Space

  • 2 pages of 'spacey' fun
  • rocket ship graphics; large print for easy reading
  • somewhat easy to complete - some clues might be a bit challenging
  • can be worked on individually, but definitely fun with a group
  • suitable for seniors with no cognitive decline or those with mild dementia
  • answer key is included
See a Syllable Solutions memory game sample