Memory and Remembrance – Lest We Forget


Earlier this month, on November 11 (the anniversary of the end of World War I) at 11:00 in the morning, people from countries all around the world paused and reflected on those who lost their lives in the service of their country’s military. In Canada, November 11 is Remembrance Day, a sombre, yet powerful, acknowledgement of the sacrifice others made to safeguard the security and freedoms we all enjoy. Whether we have a personal connection to the military or just a vaguer sense of how hard-fought our privileges and rights have been through time, the moment of silence compels us to consider the bravery and selflessness of those who took to the battlefield and the tragedy of the many whose lives were cut down. By remembering those soldiers, we give life to their service and to the principles they fought for. The phrase “Lest We Forget” reflects this ideal. This is the ultimate example of the power of remembrance.

At RetroSparX, we are committed to remembrance, not only on worthy national holidays such as Remembrance Day, but rather every day. The experiences of our earlier lives, the relationships that defined us, the jobs we held, the schools we attended, the events we witnessed, the disappointments we suffered and the successes we revelled in – these are the building blocks of our lives, worthy of reflection and, in most instances, celebration. Reminiscence is not just dwelling on the past – it is using our personal histories to make sense of the present.

It is important to understand that no memory stands in isolation, but rather is part of a network of recollections that are woven together. For instance, you may remember when Neil Armstrong took his momentous first steps on the surface of the Moon in 1969. But that might also spark memories of who you were with at the time, where you were when you watched those first steps on TV or heard the news crackling through a radio. A flood of other images may come to mind – the wonder you felt, the expressions you witnessed on others’ faces, the inexplicable feeling that the Moon seemed all of a sudden closer. That may prompt your mind to wander to other astounding events you have witnessed, such as the launch of the first space shuttle in 1981, or the early stages of building the Space Station in 1998. And those memories might cascade into others.

Memories are to be cherished and indulged. And they are precious. Remembrance Day is just one opportunity to be reminded of that.

Keep reminiscing. Your life history is rich indeed.

Amy Lewtas, Founder of RetroSparX

New to RetroSparX

We are pleased to announce the following new RetroSparX memory game units which have recently been released and can be found on our website ( We invite you to delve into the topics and tackle the memory games for seniors that comprise each unit. And we wish you happy reminiscing while you recall, relive and revel in these moments.

Remember the Cataclysmic Halifax Explosion of 1917

The wartime explosion of a French munitions ship in Halifax Harbour on Canada’s Atlantic coast set off a disastrous chain reaction that flattened a large swath of the city, devastated surrounding communities and claimed thousands of lives. Read about the unfortunate circumstances that led to this disaster and about the impact the blast had on a thriving community.

Included memory games for seniors

  • Syllable by syllable, build words or phrases that identify some of the most calamitous disasters in history in Disaster Deep-Dive.
  • In Exploding Phrases, sort through a jumble of words to reconstruct some rather ‘explosive’ phrases.

Recall the Original King Kong of 1933

When movie audiences were first treated to King Kong, they were spellbound (if not totally terrified!) by the spectacular effects that brought a rampaging, chest-thumping giant gorilla to life. Read about this classic beast-meets-civilization blockbuster that revolutionized the special effects industry.

Included memory games for seniors

  • Sort through a scramble of words to recreate some of the most memorable lines from classic cinema in Unforgettable Lines
  • Monster Mix provides rhyming words that will help you solve clues to find some of the most fearsome monsters of literature, film and legend. In the process you will discover King Kong’s stage name when he was showcased in New York City.